Friday, May 21, 2010


Am I 28 already? How did that get here so quick? All week I've had to keep reminding myself that this week is birthday week, not next week. And now, there is a HUGE birthday sign hanging in my cube blocking my view of the calendar so I can't verify the actual day. You know, cause the signs, balloons, streamers, cookie cake, lunch outing, text messages and Facebook comments aren't enough to actually convince me what today is. I must be getting old or something.

I did treat myself to some birthday shoes yesterday, since my flip flops are getting small and I was having a ginormous foot day. I found a pair of sandals that are adjustable! Thank you Addis for making my summer a little less scary. So in honor of my birthday, I'm going to show some of the shoes that I would love to own, but my feet wouldn't even be able to look at...

I don't know why I need these, I just do.

The perfect everyday pump.

But these are a good back-up plan.

I don't know when, I don't know where, but I will find an excuse to wear these.

Don't these just scream my name??

And these. I need these. If only you weren't Coach, then maybe I could afford you.

What is more practical then a red shoe??

My jeans want me to own these.
Whoops. How did that get in there.
See I can be reasonable too.
I'd probably NEVER wear these, but aren't they fun?
But these, these are a must.

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