Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Really Wanting a Pool Instead of a Yard

Hello 3rd trimester. Good bye sleep. It seems like the universe is against me getting a good nights sleep before I have to give up on sleep all together.  "What? You're exhausted?  Here, let me make it difficult to find a comfortable position.  Wait, how did you fall asleep?  Let me bring a super loud thunderstorm with hail to your window, that ought to wake you up.  Or better yet, let me put something outside on the deck so Koby will feel the need to bark his head off and wake up the whole house.  Okay, now what... I know, lets see how many places we can put Mason's elbow to annoy you, and we can make him snore too!  Won't that be fun!"  For the record, no it isn't fun.  It isn't fun at all.
Our baby is the size of a squash, even though it looks like there is a watermelon in there. I am measuring at 31 weeks, while my baby is only 28 weeks old. There is so much fluid in me that my doctor seems concerned about pre-eclamsia. Not that I have it, but that I am perhaps walking a fine line. Not that there is anything I can do about it. If I get it, there is only one thing to do, deliver the baby. Did I mention that I am only 28 weeks along? The blood test will show what my current levels are and allow Dr. B to monitor them more closely. Because even though my blood pressure and protein levels are fine, the swelling is outrageous.

Personally I'm not that worried. First of all, judging by the drum playing gymnast inside of me, I'm sure she is a fighter. Second, my feet have swelled before when I wasn't even pregnant. The first time I was about 12 or so and I forgot to put sunscreen on my feet at a car show. I may have gotten a little sun poisoning that year, and my feet got nice and fat. When I flew to Europe which was about a 16 hour flight, I had NO swelling. But when I flew to Hawaii, which was only a 10 hour flight, while sitting down to dinner that evening, I actually felt them inflate. FUN. Then a year or so after that, at another car show (with sun screen this time, you don't make that mistake twice) my feet magically grew. In other words, maybe my bladder isn't as big as I think it is. I just carry the fluid in my feet instead of processing it like a normal person. Except this time, the swelling isn't confined to my feet. It has moved on to my entire body. My arms, wrists, legs, chin, and perhaps worst of all, my butt. Seriously, wasn't that already big enough?

In other news, it's finally here!  Project 365 is up and running. Please come and join me there as well, I'm sure I could use the motivation.

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  1. Don't feel bad ab measuring bigger! I am 32 weeks right now and am measuring 34 weeks.

    Also, I had a 30 week ultrasound 2 weeks ago and our "little" Lucy measured bigger at 32 weeks and her "little" belly alone measured 34 weeks (4 weeks bigger).

    Also, I DID pass my glucose test (for gestational diabetes) BUT because she measured 2 weeks bigger, her belly 4 weeks bigger, and was already 4lbs 8oz at only 30 weeks they are making me follow a diabetic diet AND check my blood sugar 4 times a day.

    Just like they are watching you for the preclamsia (even tho you don't have it or might not even get it)...
    ....even tho I have passed all my glucose tests and my blood sugar is right on track....they are monitoring and watching me as if I have gestational diabetes because our girl is so big already and is on track to be 9 or 10 lbs (we think she's just gonna be a big girl).

    Everything will be okay, and like you said she is strong in there and will be just fine. :-)