Friday, June 11, 2010

Stop Poking Me!

Soooo, if you've been keeping up with 365, then you will know that I have not been. Sorry! I had planned on getting them uploaded this weekend, and then all of the sudden it was Monday. Then I tried to get them uploaded Monday night, but I updated my registries instead. It really did need to be done. With all of the things that I'm borrowing or have been handed down, and everything else being on two separate registries, I had no idea what I had and what I was missing. With the first round of shower invitations going out, I figured I better get on it. I can't believe it's almost time for the showers to start. And then I'm going to have to figure out where to put everything. And since Mason will be getting her dressed in the mornings after I go back to work, it needs to be man friendly. Any ideas??

Right now I have dresses and shirts that will wrinkle easily hanging in the closet, their diaper covers are in a drawer and in my opinion, easy to match. But I'm a girl and I know what is pink and what is purple. There may or may not be a debate going on about the color of the sheets that are currently on the bed. They are light green (not white) in case you were wondering.

And yesterday, yesterday I had my second glucose test.  The three hour test.  The one where they take your blood 4 freaking times.  The one where they make you not eat or drink anything before the test, ensuring that your veins are nice and deflated.  On top of that, my doctor confirmed that I could not blame 20 pounds on the fluid in my ankles. 

On the plus side, he did approve my upcoming trip at the end of the month for Mason's Family Reunion/Vacation.  He said he has patients that live that far away, so I should be fine.  Plus I plan on spending ample time floating around in the pool.  My trip to KC was also approved, pending unforeseen huge issues of course. For someone who just likes to know things, this is getting difficult.

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