Friday, June 25, 2010


I've been wanting to post a new blog for sometime now. The only problem is that I've been super busy, both at work and at home. Add to that the only thing I can even think about blogging isn't something I'm comfortable blogging about. I just can't bring myself to publicly denounce someone for making me angry. Even though they are an adult and should have the ability to see how their actions affect others. But moving on, or at least trying to...

Work has been insane this week. Wednesday was my day at home, and I had planned on cleaning during my lunch break since we have company coming in town this weekend and my kitchen is all torn apart (I had to hide things in the dishwasher last night just so I could cook dinner). I also prayed for a slow day so I could spend 5 min. here and there on cleaning and laundry and things like that. None of that happened. I managed to find just enough time to start the dishwasher. Then I ended up working through lunch and even working late. So yesterday I made sure to leave as close to on time as possible since I still have a ton of cleaning to do and we had plans to meet up for dinner with a friend from out of town. A friend I hadn't actually seen in person in about eight years. It was good to catch up, possibly even worth only getting 4 hours.

After work, while I was trying to clean everything and put it away in it's new china hutch, that dear sweet child of mine decided to play on the monkey bars again. No where near as painful as last time, just bad enough to make sure I stopped doing the work that I was trying so hard to get done. Meanwhile, Mason was working in overdrive outside. He mowed the yard, cleaned off the patio, deck and outdoor furniture. He also skimmed the pool (broke the skimmer while he was at it) finished the ladder that I left undone (he stole all my screwdrivers) and put up our new Tiki Torches. So, the outside of our house is ready for company. Now I just need to get the inside ready and go to bed early.

In other news, when that baby girl of mine isn't dangling from the monkey bars, I really do love to feel and see her moving around in there. It makes me laugh.

(Yes, I know I'm behind in posting my pictures, but I promise to have it updated soon).

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