Monday, May 3, 2010

I Can't Even Watch The ASPCA Commercials

Maybe it's because we are expecting our own child, or maybe it's just because we have bleeding hearts when it comes to poor, sweet, defenseless creatures. But we have become very attached to the little bunnies in our yard. And very heart broken over the two we had to rescue from the death trap of Koby's mouth.

The first one was harder to witness. We watched as the bunny hopped toward the fence practically right into Koby's mouth. I yelled for him to drop it as I heard the little bunny scream, knowing it was already too late. I cried when he finally released the lifeless body from his jaws. And I'm not gonna lie, I still cry when I hear that little bunny's scream replaying in my head.

The second one, we didn't see it happen. We just saw another lifeless bunny dangling from Koby's mouth. Slightly more mangled then the first, but still just a toy to be caught and carried around. And I know what my dad would say, how that's just the facts of life and all that. But these were my baby bunnies. Sure I didn't feed them or produce them, but I made sure they were safe and getting fed. I ushered them to a safe bush so Mason could mow the lawn without giving them a hair cut. I cared for them the best I could without interfering with their own mothers duties. So yes, that is part of nature, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

Dear Bunnies,
Please stay away from the fence. Do not try to go through the fence into the back yard. That is certain death. There is a big red monster who would like nothing more then to make you his new toy. The front yard and the side yard are yours to use as you please. Again, do not go near the fence.
The Giant Creatures Who Keep Bugging You.

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  1. I relate to your blog ab the baby bunnies.
    Right now we have a mommy robin that has made a nest under our deck on one of our deck posts, and we are very protective and feel like we have to take care of them and watch out for her and her babies.

    Just last night, in the dark, our 18 lb dog was chasing a bunny around inside our fenced in yard, what was the bunny doing in there and how did it get in there, she didn't end up getting it, luckily the bunny found a safe spot under our canoe.

    I doubt our little dog would have done any damage, esp. that we have a pet bunny and she prob. thought she was going to play with it when she got it like she does our pet bunny.
    BUT she got yelled at and introuble for chasing the bunny when she finally came inside.